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yamaha yxz1000r wide track extended wheelbase suspension kit fully geometry adjustable.
yamaha yxz1000r wide track extended wheelbase suspension kit fully geometry adjustable.

3/4 rose joint to 12mm bolt high misalignment spacers, cad designed and cnc machined in house at landranger deeside, being involved in off road motorsport for over 30 years we have found the need for small quantity parts not available in the size we need,these spacers are for 3/4 rose joints with a 12mm bolt hole to give a huge increase in the angle it can move.Any size can be designed and made to order.Please contact us for a quote for any parts required.

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Phentermine 30 Mg Purchase

custom race drive shafts

Custom made race drive shafts made to order, cad designed, cnc turned and splines cut on cnc 4 axis mill. made from high strength 300m and equivalent alloy steels and heat treated and tempered and straightened if required.We specialise in off road race car parts subject to high torque loadings and torque spikes. Shafts are reduced in diameter below the root of the spline to reduce stress concentration areas leading to premature us to discuss your requirements.Cut to suit mating part.

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Here at landranger deeside we cad designed with the help of the MSA,fabricated and submitted to the MSA for full FIA/MSA homologation of our YAMAHA YXZ1000R ROPS rollcage. FIA certification means the design can race uk and international events.We learnt a lot along the way,there are subtle differences between MSA BLUE BOOK, FIA INTERNATIONAL AND FIA CROSS COUNRTY specification.If a design is FIA it can compete in any MSA event but not necessarily the other way around.FIA allows smaller O/D main tubes than MSA where as FIA cross country allows smaller O/D tubing than msa and allows the front rollbar leg mounting foot to be swept back rearwards upto 10 degrees similar to the rear hoops +/_ 10 degree maximum inclination. where as MSA and FIA insist the front rollbar mounting is not rearward of the foremost point of the rollbar.(ie  must be vertical or sweeping forwards, not swept back).We are happy to help with design,modification and fabrication of any motorsport cages and are a recognised MSA rops fabricatior and have an excellent working relationship with MSA technical,and MIRA for crash simulation and load testing of designs not meeting MSA/FIA technical specifications and requiring certification,prefering to ask the people who know rather than the google and social media warriors!

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